Wingfoil Experience Camp 1 @ Tarifa / Spain


🟢 15.04.2024


🏁 21.04.2024


🌍 Punta Paloma / Tarifa / Spain


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stable flying in both directions.




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Bienvenidos / Welcome / Wilkommen in Tarifa

In the beautiful bay of Valdevaqueros just about 10 km from Tarifa, probably the epicentre of wingfoiling in Spain, Michi Rossmeier invites you to a week long learning experience.

  • Upgrade your wingfoiling to the next level
  • Learn in a friendly group environment
  • Get first hand information about gear, gear tuning, optimising your riding or pushing your freestyle skills.
  • freestyle doesn’t just mean jumping, Michi is known to love carving tricks and knows the exact steps to your dream move!


  • Base is the area of Tangana Beach Bar/Chringuito, ION Club and the Adrenalin Center.
  • Rental facilities are available!
  • The spot is located in the bay of Valdevaqueros, close to the Dune of Punta Paloma.
  • The bay helps to have a safe environment, as the standard winds usually let you drift towards shore always and allow a good overview and easy orientation.


  • The wind and our common skillset and motivation will guide the exact schedule.
  • Usually both predominant wind directions (Levante=East, Poniente=West) are usually the most constant and strongest from noon.
  • We aim to use mornings from 10 AM for talks, visualisation and beach exercises and the afternoons from around 1 PM for practical sessions on the water.
  • 1-2 hours of beach and 2-3 hours of water action per day.
  • Of 7 camp days, there is one arrival, one departure day, we have 5 days of focussed training.
  • Note that the schedule is always free for you to attend or not, you are choosing this training and we will try to accommodate all your wishes and desires to make it a great experience on and off the water and all around.


  • Newly developed Luxury Camping Dunas offers a perfect location in walking distance of beach and training grounds.
  • Hotel Punta Sur is about 5 minutes away by car
  • Various hotels, apartments and campings in the area of Valdevaqueros work very well.
  • Rental cars are very affordable and are always good to have to come to Tarifa and move between spots in case of changing conditions! (check for best offers and best overview)

Wingfoil Experience Camp 1 @ Tarifa / Spain